Tools To Help Along Your Journey

No Matter if your focus on wealth involves money, relationships, or health, we have you covered. We help you build generational wealth through diverse perspectives, education, and grind.

Swipe Your Way To Wealth


Imagine wealth being the norm in our community. At BBQ's discussing wealth topics among peers and the youth. Us breaking generational curses. We are a few swipes away.

Stay In The Loop

Wealth Circle

Consolidated actionable wealth plays in the form of simple text messages. Diverse information with a sprinkle of grind is all we need to start building generational wealth.

Wear It Loud

Apparel and Accessories

On your journey to wealth it's important to attract the right energy. Let people know what you are about without saying one word. Live it, breathe it, wear it.

Streamline Your Grind


To build wealth we have to be intentional. We have to grind but we also have to stay organized. Manage your connects and grind in the most efficient and effective way.


Wealth Talk

Bars And Nuggets

We only focus on areas that help you accumulate wealth. Wealth can be in the form of finances, health, and relationships. These paths, called bars, are based on history. Nuggets are the pieces of information associated with each bar.


African American Alive Black Deceased


Bitcoin Double Spend Address (Public Key) Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Black History

Black Dollar Excellence Inventions Setbacks


Accounting Advertising Corporate Finance Credit
Finance HR Legal Management Marketing Sales Taxes


Macro Economics Micro Economics Monetry Economics Trade Economics


Carbohydrates Digestion Fats & Oil Fitness
Healthy Eating Minerals & Water Nutrition Proteins Vitamins Weight & Energy

Life Insurance

Life Insurance Basic Term Life Universal Life Whole Life

Personal Credit

Credit Cards Installment Credit Revolving Credit Service Credit

Personal Taxes

Basic Income Tax Property Tax


Real Estate

Calculations Commercial Condition and Disclosures Contracts
Controls and Regulations Duties and Powers Financing Licensing Requirements Market Analysis Ownership Practice of Real Estate Principles of Agency Property Management Residential Statutory Requirements Transfer of Title

Stock Market

Common Stock Preferred Stock Stock Market Basic

Our Process

We Have You Covered



We mine for nuggets (articles, videos, audio, interviews)



Make sure nuggets meet standards



Release to Kings, Queens, and Giants

Available Tools

Building is a lifestyle

Building wealth is only done with intention. You must live and breath it.


Learn It

One of the main reasons wealth doesn't play a larger role in our culture is due to exposure. Many of us aren't conformtable with the terms or concepts. Imagine if outside of school coming up we focused on different topics. How dangerous would we be? Start swiping your way to wealth.


Live It

One of the keys to us growing wealth is leveraging diverse perspective, content, and experiences. Thankful to so many great influencers and the web in general, the information is there. The problem is keeping up with it all.

If you aren't glued to social media, YouTube, podcasts, and the web in general, you will definitely miss opportunities. This is why we do the filtering through the noise for you. We only send text messages on wealth content and plays involving Bars or topics you care about.

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Streamline It

Growing your business and managing your connects is crucial to building wealth. Being able to recall conversations, track documentation, and seamlessly communicate on the go has never been easier.

Navigate been your different circles and groups effortlessly on secure dependable platform.

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Wear It

Once we start our journey to wealth, we need to let it be known. We wear it loud to ensure we attract the right people to our circle and push others away. No need to tip toe, let's make connections with having to even open our mouth. Those that need to understand will.

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We Are Royalty

Let's tap into our potentials, come together, and make real change.

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Don’t get left behind

Wealth is the New Black

Together We will build something great

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, ask though our chat.

Yes. Tryinging To build is 100% Black owned.

You can look at Trying To Build as a suite of tools to help eliminate the gap between black culture and wealth. We are not looking to be compared to Microsoft but it may help to explain. Microsoft has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Our current tools include Flashcards, Wealth Circle, Connects, and Build Apparel and Accessories.

Each of our tools have a free version with limited features except for Flashcards. Flashcards is completely free. To learn more, check out each tool's dedicated website.

Yes. Trying To Build is not only 100% Black owned, all apps and tools are developed and maintained by a 100% Black owned business.

Mr. Trying To Build

A little about Frank

I'm a serial entrepreneur focused on reashaping Black Culture. Simply put, we are too talented and brillant to find ourselves in the generational cycle of existing versus living. It's time we stop passing problems from generation to generation and start leaving solutions. Together, we will end all generational curses.

More about Frank Goodman

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